How does lemon juice conduct electricity

lemon juice conduct electricity

lemon juice conduct electricity

How does lemon juice conduct electricity ?

Well that’s a question many asks.
A battery made out of a lemon is a gimmick used in various textbooks in schools all over the world.
The experiment usually consist of using two various metal conductors, it could be a nail covered with zinc (galvanized) and a quarter or any other
coin made out of copper. You will then have to insert the two items into the lemon. The coin and the nail will become electrodes and cause a kind of electrochemical reaction
and generate a minor electric potential. The reason for caring out experiments like this is to demonstrate for the pupils or students how a normal day battery works. When the lemon battery is put
together, a device called a multimeter will be able to the amount of voltage generated. To create a more convincing experiment, it’s possible to add more lemon batteries and produce enough current for a LED.
It’s not really possible to power a flashlight bulb since the lemon can’t bring out enough of current that is required for lighting up such kind of bulbs.
The electric current that is being used to electrify the circuit comes straight from energy in electrode factories that help reduce the metallic ions shaping the firm metallic etrodes. The lemon
merely offers a salt passage for a reaction to happen. In a battery made out of a lemon, oxidation will happen and so will reduction. Think about a battery (zinc copper). The

anode, zinc is oxidised.

“Zn → Zn2+ + 2 e-”
Cathode, hydrogen is brought down:

2H++ 2e- → H2

An apple or a potatoe or other fruits for that matter that consist or contain of acid or any other solution/electrolyte is useable in this experiment, even though lemons are the best to use since they
contain muh higher acidity. Metal combinations like magnesium copper is even more effective. Take for instance magnesium strip use it in replacement of zinc and that will higher the power 1,1 V
using zinc and upto 1,6 Volt using magnesium, the lemons determine the precise voltage. Most prefer to zinc and the very accessible copper because of the safety.

Check out this video tutorial how to create your own lemon battery.

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